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All praise is for the Almighty God, and salutation of greetings is for upon the beloved Prophet SAW. Starting from the roadside cart, aka cadger, just opposite the bulak bus stop on the east ship of Bekasi. By always maintaining and improving our services followed by the delicacy of taste. Alhamdulillah, we have always won a special place in people’s heart until now on. Nowadays who does not know Kalasan Sanjaya Grilled Chicken, established since 1995 by Mr. Sugeng who came from Ngawi City? Nowadays who does not know the Kalasan Sanjaya Grilled Chicken, especially in Bekasi City and its surroundings?

Why do you eat in Kalasan Sanjaya Grilled Chicken?

Eating grilled chicken tastes delicious indeed … but the best place to eat only in Kalasan Sanjaya Grilled Chicken

Our raw materials are always fresh

Everything that we serve is New and Fresh all the times

Healthy and Cheap

Food that we serve is on high quality, when will you get good food with a cheap budget

Distinctive seasoning choices

hereditary seasoning concoction for maintaining the delicacy of taste and proven to be delicious and addictive,, As a proof we can spend hundreds of tails per day


Standardized taste and service are evidence of our decades of experience

Start partnering with Kalasan Sanjaya Grilled Chicken?

The only restaurant which serves a variety of menus with typical grilled, including grilled chicken, grilled tofu, grilled tempeh, grilled petai, grilled chicken gizzard. Gain lots of advantages and benefits when you start partnering with Kalasan Sanjaya Grilled Chicken. With brand names and delicacy of taste, we will make our partners more profitable in the future.


Owner Kalasan Sanjaya Grilled Chicken

starting with Bismillah, I say many thanks because you have been willing to take the time to visit our simple site. I, SUGENG as the owner of Kalasan Sanjaya Grilled Chicken opens wide opportunities for partnership to create relatively inexpensive business opportunities. ‘PARTNERS OF KALASAN SANJAYA GRILLED CHICKEN” is perfect for those of you who are “unwilling” to build a business from Zero.

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“Rasa Ayam nya itu loh yang tidak ada duanya, sukses terus untuk ayam bakar sanjaya, besok mampir lagi” Jihan jahiria

“Pertama kali makan ayam bakar di sini langsung jatuh cinta, bakal jadi langganan nih “ ilham rizky

Frequently Asked Questions

apa yang paling banyak di tanyakan

Adalah strategi bisnis yang dilakukan oleh dua pihak atau lebih dalam jangka waktu tertentu untuk meraih keuntungan bersama dengan prinsip saling membutuhkan dan saling membesarkan.
Sanjaya grilled chicken partnership package
We offer two choices of cooperation packages namely booth packages and outlet packages.
We offer two choices of cooperation packages, namely booth packages and store packages?
Package booth is a cooperation package with a typical Sanjaya booth facility, while the advantages are easily moved location and not permanent because it uses a booth. A store package is a room package or place that we will design according to the location size with sanjaya typical outlets.
What if the system wants to partner?
The booth package is to submit a business location, the payment process for the package and the grand opening. For the store package, that is, submit a location, design a maximum of 1 week’s store, process the payment for the last grand opening package.

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